PIU Saloni360 Manicure Trolley Black

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PIU Saloni360 Manicure Trolley Black

  • Has a metal tube in its internal base that guarantees the closing of the magnetized drawers for a safe transfer
  • It has 4 magnetized, translucent and spacious storage drawers or exhibit products
  • In a different way and with easy and comfortable access for customers
  • Has 4 magnetized, dark drawers for placing work tools or products
  • It is 100% rotating because it has 6 rotating wheels
  • In the top you can show the nail polishes
  • It is accessible 360 degrees

The 360 Manicure Trolley have one top feature a stylish nail polish rack to display your stock and 8 magnetic drawers in your base. This cart has a 360-degree rotation with easy open drawers providing easy access to all your manicure equipment.



• 8 Magnetic Drawers with Ample Storage, 4 Solid & 4 Translucent Drawers each will hold 25+ nail polishes

• Nail polish rack on top that rotates with trolley and holds 75+ nail polishes

• 6 wheels allowing a 360-degree turning capability with ease


Weight: 21lbs/9.6kg


Dimensions: 19.29”/49cm x 25.29”/74cm


The 360 Manicure Trolley and solid color drawers are made with ABS plastics which has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and a strong shell. The translucent drawers are made from Polycarbonate plastic which is one of the strongest plastics you can find.

360 Manicure Trolley Black