EquiproRotoderm Rotary Brush

$834.90 Price may vary by country

EquiproRotoderm Rotary Brush

  • 3 brushes included: 2 natural soft bristles.75'' & 1.5'', 1 natural firm bristle 1.5''
  • Handle with retractable and coiled wire for better mobility
  • Compact model
  • C.S.A approved
  • 2 year-warranty
  • Variable speed

The Rotoderm Rotary Brush from Equipro offers a complete solution for any esthetician who wishes to have a high-end unit for their facial needs. This Rotary brush is specifically designed for the skin exfoliation treatment. The 3 brushes offered with the equipment allow for a comfortable yet effective treatment. The manufacturer offers 2 year warranty that covers parts and labor. This unit is manufactured in Canada by a leading manufacturer of the esthetic equipment industry.

2 Year Warranty

Rotoderm Rotary Brush