PureSanaEssential Single Operator Barber Package

$1,299.00 Price may vary by country

PureSanaEssential Single Operator Barber Package

Available in USA only.

  • Complete Single Operator Salon Package
  • Net Price: $1,478.95 Your Price: $1,299

The Essential Barber Package takes care of your needs for a full functioning Hair Color Salon in a single order.

Salon Package Includes:

1 Gladiator V Barber Chair (See 923261 for full details)
1 Small Black Hot Towel Warmer JLS-502 (See 875727 for full details)
1 LatherKing Hot Lather Charcol (See 937009 for full details)
1 Wall Mount Mahogany Vanity (See 923100 for full details)
1 1/2 Circle Polycomfort Mat Black (See 578007 for full details)
1 B11-P Plastic Shampoo Bowl (See 923210 for full details) 
1 Salon Child Sofa Seat (See 923259 for full details)      
1 Auto Recline Shampoo Chair (See 923978 for full details)

Essential Single Operator Barber Package