PIU Saloni360 Trolley Black

$279.00 Price may vary by country

PIU Saloni360 Trolley Black

  • Has a metal tube in its internal base that guarantees the closing of the magnetized drawers for a safe transfer.
  • It has 9 magnetized, translucent and spacious storage drawers or exhibit products
  • In its Top has holes and plates necessary to assist the professional beauty
  • Has 9 magnetized, dark drawers for placing work tools or products
  • It is 100% rotating because it has 6 rotating wheels
  • It is accessible 360 degrees

Beauty Salon Trolley with 18 magnetic drawers is perfect for your salon, barbershop, spa, etc. beauty needs. The top features a blow dryer holder, built in appliance and brush holders with removable cups, removable tint bowls, and a space for your foil sheets. This cart has a 360-degree rotation with easy open drawers providing easy access to all your styling needs.



• 18 Magnetic Drawers with Ample Storage, 12 Solid & 6 Translucent Drawers

• Appliance Holders (1- 2 ½” Blow Dryer, 2- 2 ½ inch & 2- 1 ¼” with removable trays), 4- 1 ¼” for brushes, 2- 4” removable tint bowls, 1- 6”-Foil sheet slot

• 6 wheels allowing a 360-degree turning capability with ease Weight: 29lbs/13.1kg Dimensions: 19.29”/49cm x 36.22”/92cm


The 360 Trolley is made with ABS and Polycarbonate plastics which has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and a strong shell. Our Trolley is perfect for everyday use in a beauty salon, Barbershop, Spa, or wherever your needs arise. It has all your cut, color, and style needs in one place.

360 Trolley Black